Wow….4:36am…I really should get some sleep. But may be it s the same old story….the day before my vacation. I have a 1.000 things running through my head. But I can t identify any problems for today. My handover is written. All major issues and tasks are identified. My backup is instructed… what should go wrong? Ok, I really have to keep in mind to send my handover back to the office before I leave the house in about 4h.

In 2 weeks time I ll sit on a seaside of the Mittelmeer (…do they really call it “Midsea”?!?)…having a drink….hopefully with a t-shirt because of the warm weather and a book in my hand. Or may be I ll write a blog post just like now on my iPad and this amazing keyboard that is included in the case. This is really awsome. Need to show you a youtube video. But not now…too lazy.

Really should use the last 3h remaining of this night to get some sleep. Good night!