One week till the first of two major automotive exhibitions starts. I’m into cars…Ok, no big deal about that. A lot of people like cars…Some like cars because of their technology…Some because of their design and again others simple like the pure power …or they like all things combined.

In Geneva next week the automotive industry comes together to present their newest models to the press and the public. I’ll be there as well to join my client Cadillac on their spot.
I’m excited because the new models are  “Roooooaaarrr!”. Yeah, I know that sounds like a lil bit wired. But I really have to say that Cadillac have such an uncommon cars to us Europeans that they start to raise the interest automatically, because those cars are sooooo American.
Esp. The ATS-V and the CTS-V are the cars I’m looking forward to sit in (and if I get the chance to drive one…be sure I won’t miss that!). 650 HP in a car u can buy regularly. That’s 90 hp more than a BMW M5 (560hp according to the BMW website) and 140hp more than the Mercedes AMG GT…
Those are fantastic cars. No doubt about that. Esp. the BMW M5 is a real beauty (I have to admit that I like BMW as well) but if I compare those with a Cadillac CTS-V … it’s more realistic that could afford one of those than a M5. 103.500 EUR vs. something around 77.000 EUR for the Cadillac (need to verify that price) is a slight difference…
But my personal favorit stays the ATS…not the V-series. I don’t need to have the still impressive 549hp of the V…I’m OK with the regular version…It looks nice, it’s not that expensive and still have more comfort than most of it’s competitors.
I already sat in one of those in Berlin and I’m looking forward to see it again next week.
I think it will be a great show and although this won’t be a fun trip, I’m quiet sure I’ll enjoy it being there. Looking forward to take tons of pictures I’ll post here.
Stay tuned!