Moving to a new apartment is always a cut. Like switching to a new job, you let something behind and you are looking forward to a new chapter in life. I have to say that the switch to a different district in the city is really something little more intense than just moving to a new apartment in the same one. In all the years you got to know some people. Your barber, the bakery or your store where u get your daily stuff. Now that I ll move the other side of the city its like moving to another city. 
My barber was quietly not amused to hear those news. I went there for some years now…so you can say that I have a frequent status (where s my hon-card?!? ^^). So you those people and they know you. You greet yourselfe, if upon meet each other on the street and have a small chat. 
Now things change. I basically don’t know anybody in this district. I have to find a new barber, a new bakery and a new grocery store…all new. But it’s always an opportunity…keeping the old people you know and add new people. The circle of life.
(P.S.: great…with this last sentence I wrote, I hear the “Lion King” ….. I’ll hear it now the rest of the day!)